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Greendale Students Perform Poetry 11-17-2014

Four students, two boys and two girls, holding booklets stand in front of cabinets in a room while they read their lines of the poemIn honor of Red Ribbon Week, some Greendale Elementary second graders celebrated by sharing a poetry reading live on WGESnews, the morning air show. Real life superheroes Jumping Jonah C., Captain Cameron L., Green Hornet Gracie M. , and Super Savannah W.  shared their version of Jellyfish Stew by Jack Pretlusky. 

First Friends At Valley Institute Complete Service Project 11-17-2014

Four girls and one boy standing around boxes filled with various itemsElla S., Chloe J., Kylie B., Laci F., and Logan L. were busy putting their last items into the ten shoe boxes to help put a smile on a child's face at Christmas in another country.  First Friends is sponsored by Guidance Counselor Ms. Anderson. They have been working since the beginning of October on this as their first service project of the year. 

First Graders Study Timelines in Social Studies Class 11-13-2014

Three first grades, two boys and one girl, stand in a hallway in front of poster-size timelines of their lives.Greendale Elementary first graders have been studying about timelines in social studies.Each student was challenged to do a timeline about their own life and bring it to school to share with their classmates.

Fifth Graders Love to Debate 11-13-2014

Every student had the opportunity to speak during the debate.Recently, Mr. Marcum's history classes participated in their fourth history debate of the school year. Students debated about the historical significance that explorers like Cabot, de Champlain, La Salle, and Coronado had on North America.

Glade Spring Middle School Teachers Dig It! 11-13-2014

A female student and a man stand on opposite sides of a volleyball net.On October 31st, the girls’ volleyball team faced off against the faculty at Glade Spring Middle School in a little “friendly” volleyball match. 

Damascus Middle School GATE Students Make Homemade Jam! 11-12-2014

Four students stand beside ingredients for jam on a kitchen counter.On Wednesday, October 15, Damascus Middle School Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) students made homemade blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry jams!  With more than forty pairs of hands at work, sponsor Mrs. Rhonda Mossholder had to have a system for task assignments.  

Meadowview Elementary First Graders Take a Step Back in Time 11-12-2014

A line of Meadowview Elementary first grade students follow a lady dressed in period clothes to the next location on the grounds of Rocky Mount Living History Museum.On October third, Meadowview’s first grade class stepped back in time to 1791. This isn't some science fiction story! They took their annual field trip to Rocky Mount Living History Museum in Piney Flats, Tennessee.

VIES 3rd Graders Spooky Scavenger Hunt! 11-12-2014

Two students seated writing math problems on paperHalloween was a spooky day for 3rd graders at Valley Institute.  Students went on a Scavenger hunt in their spookiest costumes in search for solving the multiplication mystery!  

Kindergarten Alphabet Exchange at Greendale Elementary 11-11-2014

Five Children standing in front of letters A B C. Kindergarteners from Greendale Elementary School have spent the first 9 weeks exchanging letters from the alphabet with students all across the United States and Canada.  

John S. Battle Students Dressed up with a Beowulf theme for Halloween 11-11-2014

JSB Students Dress Up with a Beowulf  ThemeStudents are currently studying Beowulf in Ms. Jennifer Daniel's Dual Enrollment English 12 class. In the spirit of their study, some students dressed up with a Beowulf theme for the recent John S. Battle High School Halloween Relay for Life fundraiser.